Animal Control

To enforce local and state laws and regulations pertaining to all animals, their control and keeping. To protect and preserve the well being of those animals under our jurisdiction.

To inform and educate the community, legislative and administrative personnel on the significance and diversities of the Animal Control Officer.

To provide impounded animals a secure and sheltered environment offering unclaimed adoptable animals an opportunity for placement into permanent homes as a service to the community.

There is an Officer on-call after normal working hours and on weekends for emergencies only, such as an animal hit by car, vicious animals or a suspect rabid animal. These calls should be reported to the Somerset Police Department at 508-679-2138 and they will dispatch an Animal Officer.

Animal Shelter – Hours are by appointment only. Please call 508-679-6446 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Please note: We currently have limited facilities for cats, we will assist you in anyway we can and we will respond to calls regarding sick or injured cats. We do on occasion receive cats and kittens in and provide temporary housing for them until they can be adopted or transferred. If you have a problem with a stray, healthy cat please contact the Humane Society or MSPCA.