Marriage License

Marriage License Information

Application Fee: $25

Please Note: Our Office Only Accepts Payments by Cash, Check, or Money Order. Debit/Credit Cards Are Not Accepted. Thanks

Intentions of Marriage can be filed in our office By appointment only. Both parties must be present to complete the Intention. Once the intention is filed, the marriage license must be used within 60 days. Applications must be completed at least 3 business days before the wedding to comply with the mandatory State of MA 3-day waiting period. If either party was divorced within the last 18 months, you must bring a copy of your NISI / Final Divorce Decree.

The Only Way to Waive the 3-day Waiting Period Is for the Couple to Go Before a Judge at Probate Court After You Have Filed the Intention. The Fee for This Waiver Is Currently Approximately $200.

Please note: Marriage licenses obtained in Massachusetts can only be used for marriages occurring in Massachusetts. A couple being married anywhere in Massachusetts can file in any City or Town Hall in the state of MA for the license.

Important Please Note If you will be having a family member or friend perform your ceremony or a person who is NOT from Massachusetts, they must obtain a commission from the MA Secretary of State's office, prior to your ceremony. This is mandatory even if they have been ordained as a minister or are a clergy member. (Unless they have already registered as an authorized clergy member - also with the MA Secretary of State's office.)

Both Ma Resident Clergy and out of State Resident Clergy Must Be Registered with the Ma Secretary of State's Office (Ma Clergy) or Have a Commission (State Clergy) to Legally Perform a Marriage ceremony in Massachusetts.

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