Property Inspection Program

The collection and maintenance of current and accurate property inventory data is a critical element in the development of uniform, fair market values. Accordingly, the Bureau of Local Assessment (BLA) requires that periodic data inspection program provide for the inspection of each parcel at least once every ten years. An inspection of the property should be a full measure and listing of the exterior and a concerted effort demonstrated for interior inspections. It is recommended that this be an ongoing program to insure that current accurate data be used in the valuation process and to spread out the data collection cost.

During the normal course of work, the assessing office performs routine inspections. These inspections are initiated due to the issuance of a building permit, the transfer or sale of a property, and an abatement of taxes request. Most inspections take approximately 15 minutes, which can include exterior measurements, interior inspection, and a photo.

If the property owner is not home, the representative from our office will verify exterior measurements and a door hanger will be left asking the owner to call the Assessors Department to schedule a convenient appointment for an interior inspection. If there are any concerns about the presence of an inspector on your property please contact our office at 508-646-2824.

These inspections are necessary to estimate new growth and to determine whether interim year or triennial property value adjustments are warranted based on changing market conditions. They also enable the assessors to maintain an up-to-date property database and to contribute to the community's cyclical re-inspection program.

Property inspections are done by the Principal Assessor, Assistant Assessor, Board of Assessors, and/or a representative of the Assessors Department.

Please feel free to contact this office if you have any further questions.


Pamela M. Lee, MAA

Principal Assessor

Town of Somerset