Services Provided

Services offered for eligible veterans and dependants:

  • Discharge copies and requests for replacement
  • Chapter 115, a public assistance program, to eligible veterans and dependents
  • State annuity acquisition
  • VA Healthcare applicant assistance
  • Military awards and medals
  • State bonus acquisition
  • Tax exemptions
  • Veterans license plates
  • Homeless veteran referrals
  • Employment initiatives
  • Grave markers
  • Burial in a National or State Veterans Cemetery
  • VA Compensation Disability Claims
  • VA Pension Claims
  • VA Aid and Attendance Assistance
  • G.I. Life Insurance
  • VA Home Loans
  • VA Educational Assistance
  • VA Death Pensions
  • VASH Voucher Assistance
  • Home Visits for those unable to come to office
  • Welcome Home Bonuses

The confidentiality of veteran’s names and addresses is protected by Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.) and Privacy Act. Under Title 38 U.S.C. section 5701 (f) (1), use of a veterans name and address listing is limited to purposes directly connected to the conduct of programs and utilization of benefits under Title 38.

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