New Full-Time Employees-School

***Please return completed documents to Central Office Administration*** 
     Somerset Public Schools Central Office 
580 Whetstone Hill Road 
Somerset, MA  02726 

Required Forms: (All Forms are Editable)

New Hire Checklist

**Please read important instructions including completing Bristol County Retirement Forms**

Required Benefit Forms (Must complete Enrollment Form OR Declination Form)

***All benefits are paid one month in advance, therefore, deductions will be doubled the first month.***

                      Required Documentation:
  • If adding spouse – copy of Marriage Certificate
  • If adding birth child – copy of Birth Certificate(s)
  • If adding an adopted child or legal guardianship of child  – copy of court document showing custody
  • If adding a divorced spouse – copy of Divorce Decree showing requirement to cover an ex-spouse

​​​​​​***​Please complete bottom section if you are electing to begin coverage on 1st day of month following date of hire, otherwise, the effective date of coverage will be date of hire.***

    Health Insurance Information

    Dental Insurance Information

    Optional Benefits Offered

    Important Disclosure Information

    General Information