Town Clerk


                We are happy to announce that we are now open to the public, after a long and trying year!  All walk in services are available!  If you prefer to continue to obtain vital records, dog licenses, voting materials, etc. by mail, please feel free to do so!

                Please be reminded that voter registration is available on line at as well as through the mail with the attached voter registration form.  Anyone who feels they are at high risk, have declared themselves to be “self-quarantined”, are unable to get to the polling location, or will be out of Town on Election Day can apply for an absentee ballot.  All precautionary provisions for workers, sanitizing, and limited personal exposure as directed by the State will be in place on Election Day.  In the event that the severity worsens in our community or surrounding communities, consideration will be made to obtain a court order as required by the law to postpone the election.

                 If you prefer to obtain your dog license by mail, please send the appropriate payment and a copy of the Rabies Certificate to our office.  Fee:  $5.00 per dog that is spayed or neutered; $10 per dog if not.  Upon receipt we will mail the license and tag out to you.  I will waive the deadline to obtain a dog license beyond the March 31st deadline.

               To obtain copies of Birth, Marriage or Death certificates, send the information of the record requested and the fee of $5.00 per certified copy.                     

For all mail services:

Office of the Town Clerk 140 Wood Street Somerset, MA  02726 

Please feel free to call (508) 646-2818 ext. 7 or 8, for information on services we can provide.

A drop box in the parking lot of Town Hall at the ground level entrance near the elevator lobby to drop of any Town Clerk related materials such as Election applications and ballots, dog license paperwork and fee, census forms, etc.

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time of crisis.  We also appreciate your consideration in keeping yourself and others healthy!


Dolores Bence

Town Clerk

Absentee Ballot Application

Voter Registration Form

The Office of the Town Clerk strives to serve the public as cooperatively and efficiently as possible. The Office of the Town Clerk is the central information location of the Town. We work with all departments in order to provide the residents of Somerset with up to date and helpful information.

The Town Clerk is responsible for a myriad of duties and governed by Massachusetts General Laws. The Town Clerk is the custodian of Town records, the Chief Election Official, the Graves Registrar, the Registrar of Vital Statistics (births, deaths, and marriages), public records officer, and licensing officer.

The vital records in the Town of Somerset date back to its incorporation date, 1790. In addition to vital records, our office also contains records of all Town Meetings, Elections, Zoning decisions, and records of all elected and appointed town officials and employees.

The Town Clerk is also responsible for the issuance of Dog Licenses, Sporting Licenses, Raffle & Bazaar Permits, Business Certificates, and Gasoline Storage Permits.

As the Chief Election Official, the Town Clerk is responsible for conducting all Local, State, and Federal Elections and reporting results as required by State law. The Town Clerk is also the Clerk of the Board of Registrars and works very closely with the Board to maintain accurate voter registration records.

The Town Clerk is also accepts and posts meeting notices of all Town Boards & Committees. In addition, the Town Clerk administers the Annual Town Census.

Following Town Meetings, the Town Clerk is also responsible for the updating and maintaining of By-laws, and maintaining the acceptance of State Statutes as they are accepted.

The position of Town Clerk is elected to a 3 year term in the Town of Somerset. Currently, I, Dolores Bence, am your Town Clerk. I was appointed at the Acting Town Clerk in March of 2011 and then elected in May, 2011, and subsequently in 2014, 2017, and 2020. I am a Certified Massachusetts Municipal Clerk. I have a total of 35 years of experience working for the Town of Somerset. Along with my Assistant Town Clerk, Kathleen Maiato, we strive to make our office as efficient and helpful to the residents as possible. It is our pleasure to be your link to the past, present, and future of the Town of Somerset.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dolores Bence Town Clerk (508) 646-2818
Kathleen Maiato Assistant Town Clerk (508) 646-2818
Caitlin Hadala Office Clerk (508) 646-2818