Boat Excise Taxes

All fees and penalties are per M.G.L. Chapter 60B

Any person who owns a boat or vessel will receive a Boat Excise bill (billed by fiscal year), at a rate of ten dollars ($10.00) per thousand of valuation.

Original Bill

  • Due Date: Payable in full within sixty days (60) of issue.
  • Mail To: Tax Collector’s Office, 140 Wood Street, Somerset, MA 02726
  • Check Payable To: Town of Somerset

Demand Bill

Demand bills will be sent on all boat excise bills not paid within the sixty day period. Demand may be issued on the sixty-first day (61) after the date of the original bills date of issue.

Additional Charges: A charge of $20.00 will be added to each bill plus interest at the rate of 12% per annum from the due date to the date of payment.

Due Date: Payable in full within 14 days from the date of their issue.

Mail To: Tax Collector’s Office, 140 Wood Street, Somerset, 02726

Check Payable To: Town of Somerset

M.G.L. Chapter 60A, Section 2-Failure to receive notice shall not affect the validity of the excise. A person who does not receive a bill is still liable for excise plus any interest and/or charges accrued.

If you feel you have been billed in error on a Boat Excise tax or need to file for an abatement, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 508-646-2824.