Meet the Director

Hi my name is Barry Fontaine and have enjoyed serving as the Recreation Director for the Town of Somerset since July of 2013. During that time I have welcomed the opportunity to serve the residents and the Board of Playground and Recreation Commissioners by providing programs and activities for all ages at many of our upcoming events. With over 30 years experience in recreational programs, activities, and facility maintenance, I look to the residents of Somerset to join me in creating a new sense of play within the Recreation Department. You will see creative an innovative planning for events and activities you contact me with as we go forward.

In 2015, we look to start a major fundraising program to assist in sponsorship of programs, camper ships for those in need, and renovating facilities in town to become ADA compliant and with a new sense of pride. after serving as either a recreational specialist or a director in many communities in Rhode Island for almost 30 years. You will find that I enjoy the “work” and like to play all day. Whether it is working with staff, educating parents, or looking for creative ways to fund raise for programs and activities, I welcome a challenge. Please check out our Facebook page for regular and special events on a regular basis.