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Comcast Annual Update

Mass Save - Assistance for those in need


U.S. Offshore Wind Needs to Clear a Key Hurdle: Connecting to the Grid

In May of last year, a ring of explosives planted around the base of two 500-foot concrete cooling towers at what was once the largest coal... more ››

Dog Waste Can Harm your Health

This is a Public Service Announcement from the Evnironmental Protection Agency and the MS4( Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) Program

Bag & Seal your Trash for Driver Safety!

Help us all stay safe and healthy during this difficult time! All the little things help! Any questions please call the Highway Department... more ››

Stimulus Scam

Brayton Point Commerce Center Complaint Form

Brayton Point Commerce Complaint Form... more ››

Snow Removal Q & A

Trash Bag Prices

The correct prices for the Town of Somerset Official Town Bags are as followed :Large 33 gallon bags are $3.00... more ››

State of Town 2020

Help us Reduce Recycling Contamination

Every time you throw a plastic bag into the recycling bin it causes that load to be considered contaminated.   Once the load is... more ››

Brayton Point Commerce Center

For 50 years, Brayton Point was home to a coal-fired power plant that generated 1600 MW for electricity to local homes and businesses and... more ››

Recycle Smart

The Town of Somerset has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) in recycling educaton initiative... more ››