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Almy Rd Culvert

The Almy Rd. Culvert will be closed to traffic until further notice due to damage from Ida.

Special Town Meeting - December 6, 2021

There will be a Special Town Meeting on Monday, December 6, 2021 at 6:00 pm at the Somerset Berkley Regional High School.For meeting... more ››

Help us Reduce Recycling Contamination

Every time you throw a plastic bag into the recycling bin it causes that load to be considered contaminated.   Once the load is... more ››

Be a Leaf Hero

Leaves and grass clippings that are dumped or stored near waterways or paved areas add to water pollution and clog storm drains causing... more ››

Pet Waste Can Harm your Health

This is a Public Service Announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency and MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) Program  

Noise, Dust and Truck Complaints

Noise Complaints (all) - During the Day  Monday - Friday - Contact Board of Health Agent Tim Turner at 508-646-2804 or at... more ››

Economic Development Self-Assessment & Permitting Process Review Memo

The Economic Development Self-Assessment memorandum identified areas of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in the economic and... more ››

Energy Facilities Siting Board

MA DEP Waterways Regulation Program

The Highway Department is Now Selling Town Trash Bags

Town Trash Bags may now be purchased directly at the Highway Department located at 1263 Brayton Point Road while supplies last. The bags... more ››

Yard Waste Announcement

We are concerned with ongoing resident complaints concerning yard waste pick up.   Waste Management is working to resolves staffing issues... more ››

Rodent Notice

Bulk Pick Up Change

Curbside bulk pickup will no longer be every third Saturday of the month. Waste Management has changed their curbside bulk pickup days to... more ››

Aerial (Helicopter) Comprehensive Inspections > Spring FY21/FY22

Chesapeake Bay Helicopter (CBH) is performing comprehensive inspections in NE starting Saturday 3/20 through May. 

Bag & Seal your Trash for Driver Safety!

Help us all stay safe and healthy during this difficult time! All the little things help! Any questions please call the Highway Department... more ››