How to Apply for Housing

  • Interested individuals may call 508-672-3348 to obtain the proper application for their needs.
  • You will need to know your GROSS income. This is your SS income, pensions, interest from banks or other income sources.
  • The Value of assets such as property, additional cars, boats, campers etc.
  • If you are a resident of Somerset and a veteran, you will need a copy of your DD214
  • Health Insurance Costs. These may be deducted from your gross income or paid directly by you (supplemental insurance).
  • Medical out of pocket expenses. These may be prescriptions, co-pays, hospital expenses, etc.
  • You will need two references who are not related to you as well. Please ask if you may use the persons name before including it on your application.
  • Preference is given to Somerset Residents

Are you Eligible for Housing:

The Somerset Housing Authority responds to many questions about living in Public Housing. One of the first questions is do I qualify?

Am I 60 years of age or older?

If I am under 60: Am I on disability?

  • For one person: Is my NET income less than $41,000
  • For a husband and wife: Is our NET income less than $46,850

What is NET income?

  • All of your earnings from Social Security, a Pension, Retirement, Wages
  • Any Interest that you receive from savings, stocks, bonds, annuities, etc.
  • Also included is interest on the value of your physical assets such as property, a second car, boat etc.

Do I have a criminal record? - All applicants must sign a release to have their Criminal Records reviewed.

Is Public Housing for me?

Am I able to live in an apartment with others around me? - The Somerset Housing Authority is Public Housing. Most of the buildings are two stories. This means that you will have neighbors on either side and above or below you.

Am I able to live independently?

Do I need help with normal everyday household chores?

Do I need help with preparing medications?

Am I able to walk without assistance?

If you answer NO to any of the above questions, the Somerset Housing Authority may not be for you. The Authority does not have medical or housekeeping services. It is truly independent living.

Rent Calculation:

Rent is based on 30% of your GROSS income and recalculated yearly. Gross income includes:

  • SS income
  • Pensions
  • Interest from the bank or other sources.
  • Interest on value of assets such as property, additional cars, boats, campers etc (assets have to be assessed so that interest is determined)
  • Deducted from your Gross income is any Medical Out of Pocket expenses after a deductible of 3% of your Gross income is met.

In order to calculate your deduction the following information is needed for the previous 12 month period:

  • Health Insurance Costs
  • Medicare deducted from Social Security
  • BC/BS deducted from Pension
  • Supplemental Health Insurance you pay monthly or quarterly
  • Medical out of pocket expenses
  • Prescription medications
  • Co-pays for Meds, Dr.
  • Hospital expenses not covered by insurance



  • Social Security Gross income $982.20
  • Pension $54.26
  • VA Pension $46.08
  • Total Income per month $1082.54
  • Interest Income $546.00
  • Total Yearly Income $13,536.48

Medical Expenses: (Medical Expenses are for a 12 month period)

  • Medicare deduction from SS $938.40
  • Prescriptions $543.00
  • Doctors $120.00
  • Supplemental Insurance $1260.00
  • Total Medical Expenses $2861.40
  • Less 3% of Income - $406.09
  • Total Medical Deduction $2455.31
  • Total Income $13,536.48
  • Less Allowed Medical Deduction $2455.31
  • Adjusted Income $11,081.17
  • Divided by 12 months $923.43
  • Actual monthly Rent $277.00

How to contact the Somerset Housing Authority

Mailing Address:
Somerset Housing Authority
75 John F. Kennedy Terrace
Somerset, MA 02726

Telephone: 508-672-3348
If there is no answer, please leave a message. Your call will be returned.

Fax: 508-677-1645

E-Mail: [email protected]
If you contact us by e-mail, be sure to include the word Application in the subject. We don’t want to delete it thinking it may be SPAM.