Office of the Fire Chief

The Somerset Fire Department consists of 31 full time sworn personnel and one civilian Administrative Assistant. The sworn personnel include the Fire Chief(also a Paramedic), Deputy Fire Chief(also an EMT-Basic), 6 Lieutenants(4 are Paramedics, 1 is an EMT-Intermediate and 1 is an EMT-Basic), 19 Firefighter/Paramedics and 4 Firefighter/EMT’s. There are 4 shifts: A, B, C and D. Each shift has 1 Lieutenant (the Shift Commander) and 6 Firefighters. One of the 4 shifts has 2 Lieutenants and 5 Firefighters(the second Lieutenant being the Emergency Medical Services Officer). In addition, there is a Lieutenant who is the Training/Equipment Officer and is assigned to an administrative schedule.

The Department is tasked with providing fire protection, Advanced Life Support emergency medical services, rescue, Hazardous Materials response, Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement, fire education and a host of other services. We pride ourselves on the wide range of services that we provide and will do anything possible to serve our residents and guests in their time of need. Our community can be proud of this Department and its highly trained, well-equipped members.

Please feel free to call or come by the station if you ever have any questions or need assistance. Thank you.