Economic Development Committee

The Somerset Economic Development Committee is an advisory group that exists to improve the economic condition of local residents and businesses and to enhance the community’s quality of life as a whole. It will do this by attracting new businesses and industry, by retaining and making it convenient to expand existing businesses and industry, and by improving business conditions that enhance entrepreneurial activity. It will also recognize those individuals and businesses who have contributed to the community by making it a better place to live.

Areas of Committee Focus:

  • Business relations/promotion/information clearing house
  • Grant acquisition support
  • Finance availability assistance
  • Special/Specific projects such as Route 6, Slade’s Ferry Crossing, Wilbur Avenue land development, Montaup and Brayton Point transition
  • Awards and recognition

Key Measures of Success [Our Vision]

  • Added revenue through an increased tax base, grants, etc.
  • Maintenance of full town services as revenue allows, such as schools, police, fire, highway, water/sewer, recreation, library and municipal government.
  • Additional improved quality of life factors obtained from the conveniences provided by more local jobs, retail establishments, restaurants, medical and professional facilities, a modern hotel and recreational / entertainment venues.

Please call the Town Hall for immediate requests for information. 508-646-2800


Board Members

Name Title
Joseph Bednarik Chair
Lloyd Mendes Vice-Chair
Arthur Gauthier Member
Sharron Machamer Member
Steven McNally Member
Joyce Mello Member
Francis Thomas Member
Lori Belché Member