Cultural Council

The Somerset Cultural Council (sometimes referred to as the Arts Council) is part of the Local Cultural Council (LCC) Program administered by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The program promotes the availability of cultural experiences for residents in Massachusetts.

The Somerset Cultural Council administers the LCC program for residents in Somerset. The council is comprised of 5 – 7 volunteers who each year award grant monies for the benefit of the townspeople of Somerset. These programs can include (but are not limited to) school field trips, after-school programs, concerts, festivals, lectures, theatre, dance, music, art shows, poetry, and film. LCC projects take place in schools, libraries, community centers, elder care facilities, town halls, parks, or wherever the community comes together.

Individuals, schools and cultural organizations are eligible to apply for project support from the Somerset Cultural Council. Funding for cultural field trips is also available through the PASS Program, which subsidizes the cost of admission for students to attend performances, educational tours and exhibits for events or exhibits in Massachusetts (out-of-state programs are not eligible).

Please note: Grants from the cultural council are reimbursement-based. (Applicants expend their own money, and if approved for a grant, then submit paperwork for reimbursement.)

The Somerset Cultural Council is looking to grow our membership anyone who has an interests in the arts and culture in town who thinks they would be interested in joining please send a letter of interest to the board of selectmen.

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Board Members

Name Title
Laura Latour Chairperson
Emily Esten Member
Diane Goodwin Member
Maria Monte Member
Laurel Paquin Member
Matthew Paquin Member
Mary Beth Rua-Larsen Member