Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for reviewing and issuing all Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Gas, and Electrical Permits. Zoning compliance and code enforcement issues are also addressed by this department.


* Permit fees have changed. Please contact the office for the correct fee schedule.

* Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted or held. Please submit all required paperwork together. Please include owner's signatures or copy of contract, insurance certificates, license copies, plans, department sign-offs (when applicable).

* New houses: res-check, plot plan, engineered plan for beams, LVLs, trusses

*Electrical permits must be obtained for pool installations & AC/Mechanical

*HVAC: New & replacements require a Manual J & pressure test for ductwork.

* Building permits are required for bathroom & kitchen reno ONLY when any type of framing is involved, removing/replacing sheetrock, replacing or adding window/doors.

*Fences: no permit required. The Town does not provide the services of surveying property lines.

*Sheds:   200 Sq.feet + ...permit required.  Under 200 sq. feet permit needed.   120 sq. feet + ...15 ' set back required. Under 120 sq. feet .... 5' set back required.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kelly Plummer Secretary (508) 646-2805
Paul Boucher Building Commissioner / Zoning Enforcement Officer (508) 646-2805
David Tavares Electrical Inspector (508) 646-2805
George Gauthier Assistant Electrical Inspector (508) 646-2805
Scott O'Brien Plumbing Inspector (508) 646-2805
Eric Miguel Assistant Plumbing Inspector (508) 646-2805