Annual Report of the Board of Registrars

The Town of Somerset Board of Registrars hereby report that residents eligible to vote in Elections and at Town Meetings in the year 2017 as of December 31, was 13,170.   In the year 2017, the Annual Town Election was held on May 8.  There were 1,149 ballots cast (8%) at the Annual Town Election. 

Following the Annual Town Census taken during the month of January, the Town’s population was 17,255.  Voter registration sessions were held as required by Massachusetts General Laws prior to Elections and Town Meetings.  In addition to the elections, the Board of Registrars certified nomination papers and signatures on petitions as required by law.

Town Meetings were held during the year 2017:

                Annual Town Meeting - May 15

                Special Town Meetings – May 15, September 25, and December 4, 2017


As required by MGL, all election results and actions taken at Annual and Special Town Meetings were permanently recorded in the Office of the Town Clerk.                                                                                          

Effective in 2018, the Annual Town Election will be held annually the second Monday in April, following a favorable vote at the 2017 Annual Town Meeting.  The Board would like to remind residents that election information including results, campaign finance reporting, and upcoming elections is available on the Town’s website.

                                                                                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

Board of Registrars
Sherri Vale-Turner (R)
Barry Sullivan (D)
Joseph Costa (R)
Dolores Berge, Clerk (D)