Advisory & Finance Committee

(Appointed by the Town Moderator)

The Advisory & Finance Committee is a group of nine community members appointed by the Town Moderator. Each member is appointed for a three year term. In accordance with Chapter 39, Section 16 of the Massachusetts General Laws, it is the purpose of this committee to make reports or recommendations to the town that impact on the town’s revenues. The members represent a cross-section of our diverse community with unique educational backgrounds and personal perspectives.

Our meetings are open to the public and are posted at Town Hall. We welcome citizen input to assist us in evaluating the needs of our community.

The Advisory & Finance Committee meets on an average of once weekly during budget season, with additional meetings as necessary, in anticipation of any Special Town Meeting, and to address any reserve fund transfers at any time during the year. Each budget is reviewed carefully to insure fiscal responsibility. Each member of this committee takes their responsibility seriously, and carefully considers spending requests and their economic impact on the taxpayer. 

Board Members

Name Title
Dominic Raffa Chairman
Larry Guay Member
Steve Sabra Member
Robert Mullen Board Member
Jason Gonsalves Member
Michael Pasternak Member
Tracey Wallace Board Member
Doris Rousseau Vice Chariman
Denise DeLeo Clerk